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Zachery Dereniowski

Zachery Dereniowski

MD Motivator

“I am depressed…”

Probably the 3 scariest words for me to admit. For over a year, I kept my pain inside, tucked away.

I masked it with a smile. Burning myself out, trapped in this hole of darkness I created. I should have just spoken out earlier to my loved ones or even a stranger, I just didn’t know how…

So… I took to socials. Not just to vent, but to realize I was NOT alone. So many others battle demons that we are completely oblivious to. If we all just took 2 minutes to share a vulnerability, we’d realize how we aren’t as different from one another as we think.

If you’re going through something no one knows or you don’t know how to get off your chest, I ask you to share.

You are not alone. I am with you. I love you. You got this.