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Community well-being is our sole focus.

The Sole Focus Project has become the catalyst for engaging the community and creating awareness of the importance of mental health for all. Through the Sole Focus Project we are able to provide mental health education and training, and fundraise to support this as well as bereavement services in Windsor and Essex County.


Education, awareness and training in our community.

Anxiety. Depression. Suicide. These are just a few mental health issues that are on the rise in society today.

The Sole Focus Project seeks to change that by providing mental health awareness and training to support positive mental wellness throughout our lives.

By caring for our mental health in the same way we do our physical health, we can become more resilient against life’s stressors; learn early warning signs, know where to go for help, and feel comfortable reaching out for help when we need it.

Workplace Mental Health

Benefits of a mentally healthy workplace

On the Front Lines shines a light on mental health awareness and support in the workplace. In addition to offering workshops, training and education, we have added a Workplace Outreach Worker to the team. This individual will visit designated workplaces in an effort to “meet people where they’re at”. The goal is to eliminate barriers to service and also connect with men who are less likely to seek treatment when needed. This is often due to stigma and fear.

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