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Take A Stand For Mental Health

Join the Sole Focus Project and take a stand for mental health! Under the Sole Focus Project umbrella, CMHA-WECB provides mental health promotion, education and training; as well as fund development for services not supported by the government, including bereavement counselling for children, youth and adults.

As we seek to lessen the impact of mental illness on our community, a new focus will highlight the importance of mental health in the workplace, through our “On the Frontlines” initiative.

Our Campaign Goal

Thank you Windsor and Essex County for showing your sole and raising over $1.5 million for mental health awareness, education and training! Your support for mental health and wellness has been incredible!

We have indeed moved the needle on stigma, mental health awareness and access to services since the launch of the Sole Focus Project in 2017, but we know there is still work to be done.

Key areas of focus over the next several years will include men’s and workplace mental health. Mental illness costs the Canadian economy an estimated $51 billion each year in lost time, benefits, and reduced quality of life. CMHA-WECB wants to help create healthier employees and healthier workplaces. Find out more here. (link to On the Frontlines page) Additionally, we know that much stigma still exists around men’s mental health. Men are less likely to recognize, talk about and seek treatment for mental health issues. Suicide is the 9th leading cause of death for men in Canada with 4 of every 5 suicides being male, with men aged 45 – 59 years at the greatest risk.

To Meet Our #SoleFocusProject Ambassadors

About the Sole Focus Project

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The economic burden of mental illness in Canada is estimated at $51 billion per year. This includes health care costs, lost productivity, and reductions in health-related quality of life. CMHA-WECB, through our "On the Frontlines" initiative, seeks to move the needle and help to develop healthier employees and workplaces.

On average, 2,600 clients receive treatment from the Canadian Mental Health Association, Windsor-Essex County Branch (CMHA-WECB) annually for moderate to severe mental illness.

Education and training are key areas not fully funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Yet they are key to shifting the tide of mental health stigma.

Bereavement counselling for both children and adults can help those struggling with the loss of a loved one and mitigate the need for more intensive intervention later on.

The Sole Focus Project aims to ease societal and financial burdens on those with a mental health issue, addiction, or the bereaved, by raising funds towards mental wellness education and awareness, providing training and treatment, and community support.

The more resources and services we can make available to those in need of help, the more we can ensure a mentally healthy Windsor & Essex County, overall.
At CMHA-WECB, community well-being is our sole focus.

The Sole Focus Project has become the catalyst for engaging the community and creating awareness of the importance of mental health for everyone. The Sole Focus Project is dedicated to supporting preventative education across the community.

Gifts to the Sole Focus Project will help to fund education and training to targeted groups, including emerging adults, veterans, newcomers, agricultural workers, LGBTQIA+ and workplaces.

Specifically, gifts to the Sole Focus Project enable:
  • Sustainability of programs only partially or not at all funded by the government, including mental health promotion, education, training and bereavement services
  • Suicide prevention as we work toward a Suicide Safer Community
  • Workplace wellness through On the Frontlines
  • Mental health promotion via community outreach and awareness campaigns
  • With the establishment of an endowment fund in 2017 with the WindsorEssex Community Foundation, CMHA-WECB is committed to building a sustainable source of ongoing revenue to support unfunded programs
What does having community well-being as our sole focus mean for Windsor-Essex?
  • Over 800 requests for mental health promotion and training since 2017
  • Over 100 health fairs attended
  • 21 ASIST workshops resulting in 741 new suicide first aid caregivers
  • 34 safeTalk workshops resulting in 614 new suicide alert helpers
  • 6 Suicide to Hope workshops resulting in 81 individuals trained in recovery and growth
  • 550 workplaces and 5,000 employees receiving mental health education and training
  • Over 9,600 youth receiving mental health education Ultimately it means people living more full lives.
Ultimately it means people living more full lives.
The more we talk about mental illness, the more we can and will reduce stigma.

The key to starting this conversation is education and awareness. Education empowers individuals to pay the same attention to their mental health as they do their physical health. Individuals are then able to focus on the signs and symptoms to look for, what tools are available, and where to go for help.

Your mental health is affected by numerous factors from your daily life, including the stress of balancing work with your health and relationships.

Click here and link to resources to help you stay mentally fit and healthy.

The Facts

Mental illness does not discriminate.
It can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, education, or wealth.

Family, friends, and colleagues will also be affected. Left untreated, mental illness can significantly affect relationships, employment, and physical health.

















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We welcome the government’s announced expansion of online and virtual #mentalhealth supports. We encourage all Ontarians who are struggling with mild to moderate anxiety, stress and other #mentalhealth challenges to access BounceBack: windsoressex.cmha.ca/news/cmhas-bounceback-key-part-of-expanded-mental-health-supports-available-... #COVID19 ...

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Keep things in perspective. It’s normal to feel anxious considering the level of attention being paid to #COVID19. Notice and challenge your thoughts that may be extreme or unhelpful. Visit our website for additional #mentalhealth tips:https://windsoressex.cmha.ca/news/tips-to-manage-mental-health-during-covid-19/ ...

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What a feel good picture... definitely proud to be Canadian! Check out the students from St Clair College in the Power lines program. Another fantastic way to #keepconnected ...

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Here at BANA, we want to continue to engage with our community and spread positivity! Take a photo of yourself with an uplifting word or quote, post & use the hashtag #BANABEYOURSELF and challenge 3 friends to do the same! Tag @banawindsor so we can re-post and share the positivity. ...

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New Windsor-Essex Food Helpline provides emergency food assistance to people in need


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How beautiful is this house. Thank you LouLou for brightening our days with your amazing talent. Nice to see the vibrant colors for brighter days ahead. #keepconnected. ...

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Spread the word in your neighborhoods and join us on Thursday April 2nd at 730pm to cheer for our frontline workers. We will be singing Living On A Prayer from Bon Jovi. Get out make some noise and capture some videos/pictures of your family ( neighbors) from a distance. #keepconnected‼️PLEASE SHARE‼️
There is a wonderful community in Windsor who has been cheering every night at 7:30 for healthcare workers. We received a fantastic suggestion to help them take it a step farther.
At 7:30pm on Thursday, we will be playing Bon Jovi's "Livin' On a Prayer" and we ask that YOU SING ALONG FOR OUR HEALTHCARE WORKERS! 🎶
Tune in to 96.7 and take a video of yourself, your family or your community (from a distance) singing along!

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What a fantastic way to #keepconnected. Join Julie's paint party online on Thursday April 2nd. ...

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Another fantastic way to #keepconnected. Way to go Windsor Essex for all the love to our frontline staff.


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windsorstar.com/news/local-news/while-social-distancing-maintain-connections-with-others-cmha-say... ...

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Join us for A free webinar as we review strategies to help us all adapt and cope with #COVID19Pandemic click link to register windsoressex.cmha.ca/events/resilie

test Twitter Media - Join us for A free webinar as we review strategies to help us all adapt and cope with #COVID19Pandemic click link to register https://t.co/N8fJJeXwU5… https://t.co/giwjZiceIn

"Seventy of the 90 companies listed employee anxiety as having the biggest impact on their business. " We look forward to assisting through our #OnTheFrontlines campaign. We understand the urgency and will #StepUp : @kwillism @AutomateCanada @APMACanada @MichaelTibollo twitter.com/CMoldmakers/st…

Our #Manufacturing sector is highly valued - many in that sector are stepping up in a race against time to make medical supplies. We're supporting @CMoldmakers @AutomateCanada w/ our #OnTheFrontlines #YQG campaign -launched earlier this year. @MonteMcNaughton @VictorFedeli twitter.com/fordnation/sta…

"A doctor I interviewed had a good line: we’re not trapped at home, we’re staying home where we’re safe." : @picardonhealth @globeandmail Thank you Andre! #KeepConnected #YQG twitter.com/MHCC_/status/1…

The Windsor Essex Food Helpline will provide info on open food banks/hubs and also coordinate requests for grocery gift cards and prepared/delivered meals. #locallove #WEFH Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

Help us help you! It is essential that we all work now to slow the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the burden on our 911 and hospital systems. Stay home if you feel sick. If you think you may have symptoms of COVID-19, take the online self-assessment: bit.ly/3dIlrAC Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

All you need to know about #COVID2019 from a reliable source. twitter.com/hdghwindsor/st… Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

Let’s support the mental health of those on the front ones. The hidden Covid-19 crisis: health care workers' mental health - STAT statnews.com/2020/04/03/the… Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

Anytime, any day, anywhere; Good2Talk is there. Good2Talk is a free confidential helpline for post-secondary students in Ontario who need someone to talk to. You can reach us by calling 1-866-935-5454 or texting GOOD2TALKON to 686868. Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

The current #COVID19pandemic is a source of anxiety for some people. Your colleagues, friends or family may reach out to you for support. How should you respond? Use our active listening tips to navigate these sensitive conversations with more confidence. buff.ly/3dRzmo2 Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

Help is only a phone call away. Emergency food support is now available for residents in Windsor-Essex County. Call the Windsor-Essex Food Helpline at 1-888-488-1578. Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

We are opening up our hotel and offering FREE ACCOMODATIONS to any essential workers that need a temporary place to stay safety and to keep their family safe at home. #OntarioSpirit #COVID19 #FrontLineHeroes #SouthShoreStrong #kingsvilleStrong @fordnation #EssentialWorkers Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

Thank you @CMHAWECB for sharing this information! @WindsorEssexLIP will share this with our council of 90+ member organizations 👍 twitter.com/evhorochowik/s… Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

Join us for A free webinar as we review strategies to help us all adapt and cope with #COVID19Pandemic click link to register windsoressex.cmha.ca/events/resilie…

test Twitter Media - Join us for A free webinar as we review strategies to help us all adapt and cope with #COVID19Pandemic click link to register https://t.co/oSkXYK3Jgj https://t.co/uV2Fi72mwI

CMHA Health Centre staff is incredible. Always going above and beyond to provide the best client care possible. Thank you so much for your care and commitment! #OnTheFrontlines #yqg #FrontLineHeroes @CMHAWECB twitter.com/LauraLiebrock/… Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

We welcome the government’s announced expansion of online and virtual #mentalhealth supports. We encourage all Ontarians who are struggling with mild to moderate anxiety, stress and other #mentalhealth challenges to access BounceBack: windsoressex.cmha.ca/news/cmhas-bou… #COVID19 #cmhawecb

test Twitter Media - We welcome the government’s announced expansion of online and virtual #mentalhealth supports. We encourage all Ontarians who are struggling with mild to moderate anxiety, stress and other #mentalhealth challenges to access BounceBack: https://t.co/NOGp99aKwu  #COVID19 #cmhawecb https://t.co/jgmcfVHa63

Looking to our community to assist - to help some of our most at risk clients. We want to ensure we can use as much prevention measures and outreach by phone to avoid hospital admissions. Thank you @JulieKotsis @TheWindsorStar #YQGStandsStrong twitter.com/GailNow/status…

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