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Nathalie McFadden, RGD

Nathalie M Creative

Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography

Growing up with profound hearing loss, I faced many challenges. Others assumed I wouldn’t be able to communicate in a “normal” hearing world. Luckily I was raised in a family that didn’t put limits on my abilities.

My “invisible” disability was often a deterrent yet I persevered and proved to myself I could do anything. This persistence also meant that I would let pride stand in the way of getting help when I needed it.

Over time, I’ve learned that the more open and transparent I am about my limitations, the more help and support I have received. That is so true for any issues we face when our mental wellness is compromised. We all need to reach out and get help at some point in our lives. We have many resources out there – it’s up to us to speak up and it’s ok to get help.