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Melina Svab showing her sole

Melina Svab

Miss Tecumseh 2019, BA Psychology & Visual Arts

For most of my life, I have suffered with anxiety. Wanting to learn more about anxiety, I decided to go to school for psychology. In my first year of university, I experienced a traumatic event that I was unable to emotionally handle. It wasn’t until four years later at the age of 22, that I reached out for help. I was officially diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and PTSD. Since getting the help I needed, I have begun to thrive.

Mental health crosses everyone’s path and it is important to know that it is okay. Struggling with mental health does not make you any less of a person. It makes you a stronger person for going through it all. You are not alone in this experience. As an ambassador for the Sole Focus Project, I am here to share my story to inspire those to speak up to end the stigma and to be a voice for those who have not found theirs yet.