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Dave & Emily showing your sole

Dave & Emily Bohdal

Sergeant & Registered Nurse

Windsor Police Service & ICU, Windsor Regional Hospital

As a health care worker and a first responder, part of our jobs is to maintain composure in traumatic and high stress situations. This does not make us immune to the emotional toll of our work and it is often after situations have passed that we have the time to reflect, to process and to feel their true impact. As a married couple with young children, we know that we have to be healthy both mentally and physically in order to give the best to our professions and to our family. We are fortunate to have each other to talk openly to, as not everyone has someone close who can handle hearing the details of the bad days. We also recognize that we do not have all of the answers for each other and that seeking professional help for our mental health is just as important as going to a doctor for regular physical exams and ailments. We encourage you to engage and stay connected to your families, friends and co-workers regularly, especially in these uncertain times where stress and anxiety can be much higher. The more we talk openly about mental health and share our experiences the more we will reduce the stigma surrounding seeking help.