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Wes the Clydesdale

Wes the Clydesdale

Equine Therapist

Windsor-Essex Therapeutic Riding Association

As an equine therapist, I maintain a central role in unmounted therapeutic support programs. With the recent addition of the Equine-Assisted Cognitive Processing Therapy (EACPT) program, I now work alongside the WETRA staff in providing therapy and support to first responders experiencing occupational stress impact and injuries. Each day, I witness the growth that comes with providing people the space and opportunity yo speak out, access vital supports and thrive in an environment free from stigma.

Mental health matters, regardless of the species. As an equine, I’m not exempt from the feelings of loneliness, anxiety, or despair. My own need for security, purpose and belonging must be met before I can give of myself to others. I am proud to be an Ambassador for the Sole Focus Project, and to take a stand for mental health!