Take A Stand For Mental Health

Join the Sole Focus Project movement and take a stand for mental health as we collectively create a legacy fund to further enhance and distribute mental wellness education, awareness and training in our community, and ensure the sustainability of programs not funded by our government.

Our Campaign Goal

Your donation helps support a mentally healthy community. Together, we can reach our campaign goal by raising $1,500,000 towards mental wellness in Windsor & Essex County.

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About the Sole Focus Project

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The economic burden of mental illness in Canada is estimated at $51 billion per year. This includes health care costs, lost productivity, and reductions in health-related quality of life.

On average, 2,600 clients receive treatment from the Canadian Mental Health Association, Windsor-Essex County Branch (CMHA-WECB) annually for moderate to severe mental illness.

Education and training are key areas not fully funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Yet they are key to shifting the tide of mental health stigma.

Bereavement counselling for both children and adults can help those struggling with the loss of a loved one and mitigate the need for more intensive intervention later on.

The Sole Focus Project aims to ease societal and financial burdens on those with a mental health issue, addiction, or the bereaved, by raising funds towards mental wellness education and awareness, providing training and treatment, and community support.

The more resources and services we can make available to those in need of help, the more we can ensure a mentally healthy Windsor & Essex County, overall.
CMHA-WECB’s sole focus is mental wellness.

The Sole Focus Project seeks to create a legacy fund to further enhance and distribute mental wellness education, awareness and training in our community.

Gifts to the Sole Focus Project will help to fund these initiatives about mental health and wellness to targeted groups, including emerging adults, veterans, newcomers and workplaces.

Specifically, gifts to the Sole Focus Project will enable:
  • Sustainability of programs partially or not at all funded by the government, including mental health education and training, and bereavement services
  • An increased number of training sessions on mental wellness
  • Suicide prevention
  • Workplace wellness
  • Provide greater outreach within the community by attending health fairs, making presentations to students and developing community awareness campaigns
  • Increased outreach with and resources for post-secondary students
What does having mental wellness as our sole focus mean for our community?
  • 4,567 youth engaged
  • 257 schools engaged
  • 16 health fairs and 22 presentations/workshops delivered to post-secondary students and staff
  • 17 health fairs and 49 presentations made to grade schools and secondary schools
  • Talk Today program delivered to 857 grade 5-8 students at four schools
  • 300 grade 10 students participated in the Youth Mental Health Summit, a full day of break-out sessions and speakers discussing mental health and wellness topics
  • Mental Health Youth Outreach Worker contracted at St. Clair College 4 days/week
  • Suicide Prevention Awareness Week planning with community partners to bring suicide awareness to the community and provide training for people to become suicide alert
  • Formation of Suicide Prevention Coalition working towards a Zero Suicide community
  • 2,028 employees at 312 workplaces received workshops and training on mental health and wellness
Ultimately it means people living more full lives.
The more we talk about mental illness, the more we can and will reduce stigma.

The key to starting this conversation is education and awareness. Education empowers individuals to pay the same attention to their mental health as they do their physical health. Individuals are then able to focus on the signs and symptoms to look for, what tools are available, and where to go for help.

Your mental health is affected by numerous factors from your daily life, including the stress of balancing work with your health and relationships.

Click here and link to resources to help you stay mentally fit and healthy.

The Facts

Mental illness does not discriminate.
It can affect anyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, education, or wealth.

Family, friends, and colleagues will also be affected. Left untreated, mental illness can significantly affect relationships, employment, and physical health.












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Join us at the Do Good Divas "A Girl's Night Out in Handbag Heaven" on October 24 and take home one of these lovely handbags, including a stunning Cole Haan tote donated by Susan Bennett - voice of Siri! ...

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Timeline PhotosToday, a full year of training kicks-off with your faculty, staff, and student leaders who support you. They will be partaking in suicide prevention training! Are you interested in receiving certification in safeTALK Suicide Prevention Training? Visit the link below to sign up to receive info on upcoming training opportunities! #CampusMentalHealthDay University of Windsor


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Timeline PhotosToday is World Mental Health Day, and this year World Health Organization (WHO) 's theme is suicide prevention. We all have a role to play in preventing suicide, and it starts with education - click here for tips, videos, and handouts that can help save someone's life. snip.ly/gffgi1 #40seconds #mentalhealthishealth ...

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This year's theme for #WorldMentalHealthDay is #suicideprevention. When it comes to suicide prevention, we need to ensure the programs we are using have the evidence behind them to make a real difference in the safety of our youth. Learn more at www.teenmentalhealth.org/ #WMHD2019 ...

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Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay and the theme is suicide prevention. Suicide is preventable when we make sure that our kids and youth can access the treatment they need when and where they need it. #kidscantwait #MIAW19 ...

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We are recognizing World Homeless Day today. Housing with supports is key to recovery for many people living with #mentalhealth or #addictions issues. Evidence shows that having a place to call home means a better quality of life and success in education and work. Check out the story below to learn more. #WorldHomelessDay #SupportiveHousing windsoressex.cmha.ca/news/world-homeless-day-highlights-the-importance-of-supportive-housing-2/ ...

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Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay! Join us to promote #mentalhealthawareness and help prevent suicide. Learn more: windsoressex.cmha.ca/news/cmha-wecb-recognizes-world-mental-health-day/ #WMHD #mentalhealth ...

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In need of a new handbag? Join us at the Do Good Divas's Girl's Night Out in Handbag Heaven event on October 24th! ...

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6 days ago

Canadian Mental Health Association - Windsor

Canadian Mental Health Association - Windsor's cover photo ...

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It's Mental Illness Awareness Week! Join us as we work to spread awareness and end the stigma: windsoressex.cmha.ca/news/cmha-wecb-recognizes-mental-illness-awareness-week/ ...

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Timeline PhotosOctober 10 is World Mental Health day. Take the time to do something you like and that makes you happy. Positive mental health doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but should be a regular part of your life. Some ideas include going for a walk, reading a book, listening to music, or hanging out with friends. ...

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Timeline PhotosLabel Me Person @FamServWE Let's all help the ACW campaign to promote a cultural shift in the understanding of people who use substances and the need for our community to collectively address the opioid crisis. @GETITTOZERO fswe.ca/label-me-person/ ...

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Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all the first responders @WindsorPolice @EssexWindsorEMS @WindsorFire1 working together to keep our community safe. @WRHospital @HDGHWindsor @CMHAWECB What are you thankful for? #myfamily #greatfriends #myhealth #newopportunities 💕 Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

Getting help is part of recovery from #mentalhealth issues. Tips on how to get started: ow.ly/Cdq0304m3Qv #MIAW19

Dealing with social gatherings when experiencing unpleasant interactions camh.ca/en/camh-news-a…

A mental illness can have a big impact on the way we work. Learn what you can do: ow.ly/TEw430fhbJV #MIAW19

Approx. 7 million Canadians are experiencing a #MentalHealth challenge, but mental health care and services across the country remain underfunded. #Parity #CdnPoli #MIAW19 theglobeandmail.com/business/caree… Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

Thanks Jeff Casey @snapdWindsor and our friends @CMHAWECB @kwillism for coming to our news conference today @ScienceUWindsor @UWindsor @WindsorCRG #YQG #Cancer #CancerResearch Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

The “why” of @CMHAWECB here and with @CMHAOntario @CMHA_NTL - And why I am so impressed with support being shown in #YQG to improve #mentalhealth @ClaudiadenBoer2 @kwillism - leadership that is making change. twitter.com/nataliepacker1… Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

For Mental Illness Awareness Week, we want to know about your journey and road to recovery! Join the conversation and share your story to help end the stigma. #MIAW19

test Twitter Media - For Mental Illness Awareness Week, we want to know about your journey and road to recovery! Join the conversation and share your story to help end the stigma. #MIAW19 https://t.co/Hzr1SW2UKA

Thank you to Collège Boréal for your generous $10,045 donation to CMHA Ontario! This donation will be used to enhance community-based mental health and addictions services across the province. buff.ly/325BbYb #WorldMentalHealthDay #MIAW2019 Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

People with lived experience of #mentalhealth issues frequently identify housing as key in supporting their recovery: ow.ly/Msm650wzUpf #WorldHomelessDay #SupportiveHousing #HousingFirst

test Twitter Media - People with lived experience of #mentalhealth issues frequently identify housing as key in supporting their recovery: https://t.co/JS1ZkbG8s9 #WorldHomelessDay #SupportiveHousing #HousingFirst https://t.co/xOONrJwKuP

Today is World Mental Health Day! There is no health without #mentalhealth. Join us to help ensure #MentalHealthForAll: ow.ly/SzZf50wzTCI #WMHD

test Twitter Media - Today is World Mental Health Day! There is no health without #mentalhealth. Join us to help ensure #MentalHealthForAll: https://t.co/yr8Aa4aipY #WMHD https://t.co/GH96Zx2P3y

Having a place called home matters. Housing with supports makes a difference. Learn more: ow.ly/VNgn50wzUg7 #WorldHomelessDay #SupportiveHousing

test Twitter Media - Having a place called home matters. Housing with supports makes a difference. Learn more: https://t.co/OvalcLzGht #WorldHomelessDay #SupportiveHousing https://t.co/TJgv9AxO7Y

Some affirmations for #MentalHealthAwarenessDay ❤️ You matter Your feelings matter You are loved You are not alone The storm in your head is very real Your pain matters Your voice deserves to be heard You are brave You can do good things You deserve beautiful things Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

You aren’t alone. You aren’t a failure. You aren’t worthless. You aren’t a burden. You are loved. People do care about you. No one wants to see you in pain. These are facts that took me a while to realize. Help yourself. You’re worth it. #MentalHealthAwarenessDay Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

#WorldMentalHealthDay is a great reminder to recharge. To truly thrive, we all need time to hit pause and #SelfCare. Don't let your battery run low! Retweeted by CMHA Windsor

Suicide can have a ripple effect, impacting families, friends, colleagues, communities and societies. However, working together we can make a change. Read more: ow.ly/vRXy50wzTzZ #WMHD #mentalhealthawareness

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