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Laura Moran

Laura Moran


Crock a Doodle Windsor

Anxiety and Depression are two words that I used to connect to an overall feeling of intimidation and shame. As I’ve navigated through my own mental health journey, I have learned to associate so much more with those two words! I can now connect them with feelings of power, pride, community, love, and support. That state of mind didn’t change overnight, and I admit that intrusive thoughts and feelings still pry their way in sometimes. The important thing for me, and for anyone reading this, to know is: it is SURPASSABLE. In the dark I can remind myself that those feelings have never lasted forever and I can remember thinking “I’m so glad I’m still here”. I used the resources available in our community and eventually let my circle in and opened my eyes to see the support around me. The absolute hardest part for me personally is to accept a struggle when I see the signs myself or when those around me notice them. For me, I didn’t need anyone to save me; I just needed (and continue to need) my “village” to support me while I save myself. I’m thankful to be here, and glad you are too!