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Carol Petroni showing her sole

Carol Petroni

Executive Director

LiUNA! Bluesfest Windsor

Mental health is a lifetime journey. It is like any other illness, with one glaring exception, it is invisible. Mental illness does not discriminate, it cares not about external factors including status, education, race or religion. It is however, an illness that is misunderstood by most of society. Mental illness does not “heal itself”. One cannot simply “feel better”. Over the past few years, mental health has become an issue that the world is finally taking notice of, and talking about openly. Now is the time for the next step. Now is the time to take action. As a SFP Ambassador, I will continue to strive to eliminate the stigma associated with this debilitating disease, while encouraging young men and women to recognize the signs, to reach out for, and to accept professional treatment from those health care practitioners who understand that mental health is a lifetime journey.