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Adam Castle showing his sole

Adam Castle

Director of Venture Services

WETech Alliance

Having experienced clinical anxiety, missing entire semesters of university because I couldn’t make it in the door. I know that the relationship we keep with ourselves is the most fundamental predictor of health, happiness, and self-defined success. More recently, after being diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. I realized again that the only path to true transformation, is inside-out. When we learn inner kindness and self acceptance, we learn that by taking the time to plant tolerance, cultivate gratitude, and help ourselves grow, we can turn into the kinds of mighty trees needed to shelter everything else in the forest, on their own journeys to reach for the warmest parts of life.

I am incredibly proud to be a Sole Focus Project Ambassador, and recommit to my mission of making mental health not only a normalized topic of conversation, but a celebrated one. We all have the power to grow our community. Join me and #ShowYourSole.